Monday, July 12, 2010

addicted to cucumber-mint water.

This pretty much sums it up. We had such a relaxing weekend, lots of sun, cooking, books, and tons of lemon water...even a little cucumber-mint water (so good). Friday we went to one of our favorite places, Dolce Vita, for dinner. The pizza is perfection, thin crust, crispy, flour-on-your-fingers awesomeness. Unfortunately the mussels weren't on the menu that night, so I'm still craving...maybe I'll get my fix soon. Saturday morning we got up early and spent the day reading in the sun and grilling. We made bacon wrapped shrimp with cream cheese and jalapeno... twice. Round 1 went up in flames. Not just "oh, the shrimp are burning".. it was like.. "oh... the shrimp are ON FIRE. flames". I think maybe I didn't pre-cook the bacon long enough and the fat + very hot grill = fire. They were really good the second time around though.
I can't get enough of just sitting outside on my little back patio in my swimsuit with a book, or grilling next to our tiny pool. I like the looks from passersby on their way to or from lunch at Barnaby's...I wonder if they think our little set-up is super ghetto... or if they're jealous.
Either way I don't really care because I'm enjoying my summertime to the fullest.
Hope your weekend was fantastico!
I want to cook something new this week...what shall it be?


  1. I have never tried cucumber mint water but it sounds good!

  2. Dolce Vita, eh?? =)

    Plus, am looking forward to hanging out on your patio for exactly that meal with you and Ryan and Fuzz and Dix =). See you sooon! NEXT weekend... not this one. This one we're going to the Amalfi Coast. but NEXT weekend - grill shramps, it is ;) <3


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