Monday, December 14, 2009

the weekend in a few photos

Dixie found a warm, festive new napping spot and its the cutest thing on earth ughhhhh cat picturessssssss!
This weekend was busy and wonderful! I finally cashed in my birthday massage gift certificate from Ryan and was extra relaxed all day. So so good! I should probably do that more often. I did so much Christmas shopping in the Heights on Saturday. I should go there more often. I discovered a craft studio and spent about an hour choosing supplies for gifts to make. I just sat at this big table for an hour with my hands in various jars. It's called Sew Crafty Houston and I pretty much want to live there. They teach sewing classes and I'd really love to take one.
It was a dreary, foggy, chilly day but people were definitely not deterred. 19th street was littered with shoppers and I got so much accomplished. I found something really great for my friend Amy at Mercader's Antiques right next to the vintage shop Replay. After my 19th street venture, I went over to W 9th to check out August Antiques. I had been meaning to visit this place and I'm so glad I went this past weekend because I knocked out so many Christmas presents. I have never seen such a huge selection of religious relics in one place. After antiquing, I went back home to wrap presents and relax after such a productive day.

Are you finished with your Christmas shopping? ( have you started?) Love from perma-foggy London Houston!

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