Monday, December 28, 2009


Had such a wonderful Christmas with the fam! Spent 3 days out in Cypress, eating, drinking, napping, relaxing... soo good. Enjoyed our yearly Christmas eve mass and post-mass steak. Dad made the eggnog (fantastic as always). Christmas morning we slept in and finished opening presents around 1 pm because... thats how we roll. Everyone must have been very good this year because Santa unloaded.
Chiminea! Mine's extra special because of the fleur de lis etched on the front of it. Looking forward to many evenings warming the toes and sipping homemade cappuccinos (with mah newwww machineee!) .

I got a very cool rubber stamp set, one looks kind of like this, like an old wood etching. Can't wait to get some good card stock and make some note cards.

Much needed gift card to Ikea, where, in the very near future, I will spend 7 hours choosing an entertainment center and shelving.

Espresso machine with milk steamer! Later, starbucks. I make my own pumpkin spice lattes now.
Couldn't have asked for better weather, too. Chilly, clear and crisp. Even got to spend some good time with Amy before she went back to NY.
I hope your holiday fantastic!
Looking forward to some vurry wintry weather on Wednesday when I make my way north to Omaha!

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  1. Dix has been sittin in the chiminea all morning - its so cute its upsetting my stomach


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