Tuesday, July 7, 2009

there is comfort in being busy.

As much as i think of myself as a lover-of-leisure, of lounging in the sun, of temporarily zoning out while watching a movie, napping, reading, making cocktails, etc... there's something about a workday that flies that makes me feel secure. Maybe it's the fact that i'm comforted by the ability to pay rent on time, but at 9:30 pm, my eyes begin to droop as i'm reading, and i feel a good-tired. It makes the glass of wine at 5:30 seem well-deserved and taste much better. Even though things can get hectic and i may feel overwhelmed, i know that there are a million people in this country that pray everyday for an interview call-back and i feel grateful and blessed for somewhere to go between 6:30 and 4:30 pm every weekday. And i pray they get their call-backs, too.

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