Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fun @ Texas Art Supply!

Stopped into this place yesterday [2001 Montrose] after work, as i pass it every day and have never been inside. They have neat murals painted on the outside of the building:

This place is amazing!! They have so much!! I could have easily spent hours and lots of money, but i only spent 30 minutes and 10$ on a pack of 6X6 Bristol paper and a box of charcoal. Day one produced two tiny "drawings" .. using the term loosely.. i pretty much just played because its been years ( seriously, like..10) since i touched charcoal and i've completely forgotten how to use it. It was fun though, and i'm looking forward to playing some more. Here are the two i came up with yesterday.[ the owl looks like an 8 yr old did it.. and a very untalented 8 yr old at that..] i'll get better!

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