Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh! Say can you see?

[photobooth srsface]
Perfect, hot & sunny, relaxing 4th of July weekend with the best one.

Ryan flew in Thursday night and we enjoyed dinner at So Vino [507 Westheimer] which happens to be a nice 10 minute walk from the house. * Those apartments on Whitney Street give me home-lust. They're so fantastic- And!

Friday afternoon brought much needed sleeping in, lots of relaxing, good lounging at the pool and a little photoboothing at night

Saturday brought a wonderful eggs benedict breakfast at Empire Cafe [1732 Westheimer], a little dance music @ the [aptly named] Texas Heat music festival, lots of downtown roaming and a beautiful fireworks display viewed from the steps of the Alley Theater.

Sunday brought more sleeping in, sushi for lunch @ Nippon [4464 Montrose], a perfect day at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston [which they keep cooled a delicious 68 degrees year round], and Russian Lemonades- I've never been the the fine arts museum and will definately partake in the Free First Sundays again.

The Sunday evenings are always the most difficult, having to say goodbye until next time, so I made myself some brownie treats before bed. After being sick last week, I decided it would be best to start the week off with a batch of brownies...maybe to take the edge off a bit.

Below are a few photos from our weekending, out and about downtown and around the neighborhood. I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!

[Bringing the living room outside] [Downtown, theater district][Even the crosswalks are works of art] [Beautiful church in the museum district][Light installation @ Museum of Fine Arts]

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