Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Serene was a word you could put to Brooklyn, New York. Especially in the summer of 1912."- A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Betty Smith

Anthem for my time in Brooklyn:

Scroll down and listen to "To Kingdom Come" by Passion Pit- Thanks Nina Su!

Vacations are always looked forward to for months, weeks, and then the time always passes in a whirlwind and I regret not going a little slower, taking it all in and not taking enough (more, a million) photos. Here are the few I did manage to get in.

Below you'll see:

Beautiful views of the New York City & Brooklyn from the plane and Amy's rooftop (Amy's rooftop shots of Brooklyn are my favorite shots), murals and graffiti, shots of Manhattan i.e. Empire state and the Flatiron Building, and my first (and favorite) meal of the visit: late night Shawarma, stuffed grape leaves and baklava!

I had a fantastic, fast-moving time and I feel really lucky that I have wonderful friends that live in amazing places. Wherever I am, my door will always be open for you!

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