Tuesday, May 26, 2009

it's true what they say about the city that never sleeps...

...you don't get any sleep.

I'll be posting photos today, but i'm more tired than i think i even realize and i feel like i need a week to recuperate from 4 whirlwind days in new york..

Including but not limited to:
- wine on rooftop with beautiful view of manhattan
- backyard brooklyn bbqs (2X) veggie kabobbbbsss mmmmm
- meeting good people at macri park
- amazing shawarma and stuffed grape leaves @ Manna (from the heavens)
- champagne and wine purchased everyday from the nice russian men down the street -Do svidaniya!
- fantastic Greek omelet @ the Lodge (2 for one mimosas and bloody marys)
- Bedford and Grand
- Pop Boutique, skirts, owl pillows, sacred hearts
- St Jerome's smoke machine
- way too many rum and cokes
- tranny bar
- bagels and cream cheese
- killians on roof top bars in manhattan
- amazing views of empire state
- laughing way too hard with amy
- making new friends
- Lorimer stop
- Williamsburg
- a very crowded bar called home sweet home
- magazine launch party (got there too late!)
- BYO modelos on a rainy sunday afternoon
- bloody marys that didnt stay too long in the belly after a night of debauchery that ended around 630 AM.
- mexican potlock night @ Jake, Lindsay and Nina's- only expat texans!
- pop up shoe shop with kristine
- bars that close @ 4am.
- typical Brooklyn landlords and their bizarre stories
- "what is this city doing to me?"

back to work/reality for now.


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