Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nothin better on a Wednesday than free beer and a free show.

So Ryan wanted to go see The Futureheads and I'm like "who are The Futureheads?" They played last night at Fitz but being a Wednesday, a work night, I knew it wouldn't be in our best interest to attend. Luckily, they played an unplugged in-store @ Cactus Music @ 5:30 so WOOHOO! They start playing and I immediately recognized them from heavy airplay on MPR's The Current (Thanks Current! I love you!)
We ended up meeting them afterwards, I recommended a good place to eat Vietnamese (VanLoc) and they put us on the guest list for the show! Sadly, it was a late show and had to miss it, but if we had gone, we'd probably be in pretty bad shape today. I've only been working here for a week and calling in sick already wouldn't look so hot.
I recorded a little snippet of the in-store show, but blogger doesn't feel like uploading it at the moment. Will try later.
Happy Thursday everyone!

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