Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kitchen Fun!

For a refreshing, summer, post-workday cocktail, I made strawberry mojitos! I substituted the club soda for ginger ale (not because i was feeling creative, we didn't have any club soda.. but it did make it a bit sweeter) muddled mint and a whole large strawberry with lime juice and it came out perfect! Because it was a little on the sweeter side, I limited myself to one, but it went really, really fast. Kiss it, Sonic strawberry limeade.

Ryan's birthday is Monday, he's flying into Houston today so after fun with cocktails, it was cupcake time! One box of white angel food cake mix yielded 24 cupcakes and an entire round pan cake. I kept 6 for Ryan's birthday, and took the rest to work. They're good- fluffy angel food with a little almond extract added topped with butter cream icing & chocolate sprinkles. Snacky Treats!


  1. Ooo =). Sonice strawberry limeade + a little liquor. Yum!

    I was preparing myself to read, "I kept 6 for Ryan's birthday, and Nora and I pigged out on the rest." Whoa. Whoa. People at work, I hear, need a little something to be happy about. So, good.

  2. Yeah, but I'm not sure how much good a cupcake can do during a hostile takeover of the company you work for...

    nora and i would NEVER PIG OUT of 24 cupcakes. we'd be so sick we'd call in to work.

    "sorry i cant come in today.. no I don't have the flu, i have a cupcake hangover".

  3. I just pictured someone finding us face-down surrounded by cupcake debris.....tragic.


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