Monday, August 30, 2010

Developments: Shops at 3600 Main

Spent some time yesterday exploring downtown! It was a super warm (read: freaking hot) Sunday so what better way to spend it than by sitting outside drinking tasty fruity things? I had never been over on this side of town during the day. We passed by Tacos-a-go-go and I really want to try it. The Pachinko hut is a small... well... open air hut located behind The Continental Club adorned with late 50s/early 60s tiki memorabilia. It's really tied together well and I'll go back....when it's about 25 degrees cooler out.

The house specialty is a tiki punch served in this big bowl, in the middle is a little reservoir...holding the 151 that's on fire. See the little flame? fire. Be careful not to burn your eyebrows off when you take a sip.
Above and below are just a few shots of a building we passed with cool art deco detail.
It was good to see some new sights! Check out this article from June to see what's in the works for the area around Continental club and Pachinko Hut on the metro rail line.... Looks like good things-a-comin'!

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