Monday, October 5, 2009


So happy I was able to go to the Greek Festival this year! The food... oh my God, the food! The original plan was to go the last day of the fest with Mom and Dad, but the forecast didn't look so great for Sunday. Nora and Brittany were planning to go on Friday night so I tagged along and I'm pretty glad I did as Sunday turned out to be a total washout.

This was the 43rd year of the festival. You pay for 5$ to get in (which is totally worth it..) and get shuffled right into the food area. Everything smells so good, you hardly know which direction to walk in. So much to taste and try-- sweet, savory, flaky, crispy.. whatever you're craving, there is something you'll be into. Unfortunately the gyro line was a little too long ( was starving) so I "settled" (term used loosely) for a spanikopita (savory spinach and cheese fillo pastry) and dolmades (meat, rice and herb stuffed grape leaves served hot).

The three of us split a bottle of red greek wine before heading into the auditorium for the show, which was an exibition of traditional greek dancing and dress. After the show, you're ushed into the giftshop (as per usual) and there was so much to buy- olive oils, olive trees, clothing, bags, jewelry, etc. I purchased a small religious triptych icon... very Byzantine.

Below are a few shots from the fest! Can't wait to go next year.


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