Thursday, October 22, 2009

good reasons.

*** : This is a little bit of a rant. This is my opinion, and am more than happy/ willing to hear alternative views and ideas.

If you get your flu shot ...
You get a delicious blue raspberry sucker.

All this controversy over vaccines: get the shot or don't, get the seasonal, H1N1, both, neither, will it kill me/ debilitate me for life?

There's a reason stories like that garner so much attention. They're not the norm. This was a freak thing, ( horrible and unfortunate) just like the 3 runners that died after running a marathon in Detroit. That doesn't mean people will stop running.


"Will you take your chances with the swine flu or the vaccine? Will you take the vaccine and give it to your children? How much do you trust your government? I think that's the main question" - Glenn Beck

And Jon Stewart's response:

"I think the virus is more interested in killing you than the government is..."

Vaccines are a GOOD thing, beginning with Edward Jenner’s creation of the world’s first vaccine for smallpox in the 1790s. The life expectancy in 1790 for the US population was 34.5 years for males and 36.5 years for females. Today it's 74.37 male, 80.05 female.

Thats progress due to modern medicine. There are too many less fortunate in the world who would give anything to be offered a free vaccination for a virus they could (and many people actually do) die from.

I feel so lucky to have this offered to me. They came to me! At my work. FOR FREE. It took 3 minutes out of my day.

And I got candy.

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  1. I put myself on a clinical trials application to get paid to take the vaccine. Green is the new blue.


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