Thursday, September 24, 2009

scrabble rousers

Have a few sweet little additions this week! I usually use these little white mosaic tiles I buy for 6 bucks for a QTY of about 20. They work for the most part except that the jewelry bale on the back doesn't always stay 100% glued as the back of the tile is a little concave...and whats the point of having a necklace that frequently becomes not-a-necklace? So I stopped into a goodwill yesterday to look for an old scrabble board came to use the square tiles for my necklaces. As soon as I walk in, there is a table full of games and Heyoh! Scrabble. I snatch it for 3.99 and skip to my car. Impatiently, I use my keys to take the tape off the edges of the box and... what the..? game board: check. 4 stands for the tiles: check. Tiles? not 1. So ok, I run back in, get my 4.32$ back because come on.. thats the price of lunch.. and go home, a little defeated.

turns out, I can buy 100 scrabble tiles for $6.00 at the Hasbro site! Look out everyone.. 100 tiles = 100 rings, necklaces, magnets, and anything else I can figure out.

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