Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Roll Adventure!

This was my first attempt so I went all veggie just to be safe. Use whatever you fancy! I saw a recipe for BLT spring rolls the other day...but bacon? Just seems weird...but it could also be fabulous.

I bought:

shredded carrots ($1.50)
a cucumber (~.50)
fresh mint ($1.70)
fresh cilantro ($1.70)
a jalepeno (~.25)
daikon sprouts (~$2)
House of Tsang Bangkok Peanut Sauce (~$4)
rice vermicelli noodles (less than $2)
rice paper/ spring roll wrappers (less than $2)

Chopped up my veggies/herbs, boiled the noodles for 3 minutes then rinsed them in cold water.

Filled a large skilled with warm water (didn't have a big enough bowl) and dunked the rice paper for 2 seconds. Don't keep submerged for longer, 2 seconds is all it takes. It may seem like it's still a little too crunchy, but I promise they soften up fast.

 Placed the rice paper on a plate, put a little pile of veggies and noodles in the center and wrapped it up like a burrito!

That's it! The peanut sauce already has a bit of a kick to it, but we threw some sriracha in there for good measure. We made 7 and gobbled them all up. So much flavor! We'll definitely be making these often- next time with shrimp!

Enjoy your Gỏi cuốn!

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